Helpful Hints & News

Helpful Hints and News

By 100001221651 05 Apr, 2017
After the storm/cyclone has passed and power has been restored, here are two simple steps to turn your solar power back on:
1) Turn on the 'PV Array DC Isolator/s' first and wait for the inverter to power up.
2) Turn on the 'Solar Supply Main Switch'
Remember to stay safe during the storm season! 
By 100001221651 05 Apr, 2017
How Does a PV System Benefit You?
This SolarEdge video explains exactly how a Solar PV System works and the different types of systems available. Solahart Mackay can offer PV systems with a SolarEdge and SMA Inverters. Give Solahart Mackay a call today to find out which system will suit your solar requirements!or size of this text, please change the global colors or text size under the Design section from the left menu of the editor.
By 100001221651 05 Apr, 2017
1) Turn off the 'Solar Supply Main Switch' in your switchboard
2) Turn off the 'PV Array DC isolator/s' next to the inverter.
If your solar system is damaged by the cyclone DO NOT touch anything! Contact us on 49440876 if you are concerned.
To re-start your system (if undamaged):
1) Turn on the "PV Array DC isolator/s' and wait for the inverter to power up.
2) Turn on the 'Solar Supply Main Switch'.
Stay safe everyone!
By 100001221651 29 Nov, 2016
Five Star Power & Solahart Mackay partnered with Verdia and Westpac to help local Accounting Firm, Connole Carlisle to save 50% off energy costs! The article below explains the process of the cost effective system and why it worked for them! To find out how your company can make these cost saving changes contact Noel Fordyce at Five Star Power today!

New Year, New Panels!
Solahart Mackay are introducing the new Rec Twin Peak 280W Series in the new year! These new panels are taking renewable energy to a whole new level, with increased wattage and other key features! Below are more, easy explained, details of these panels. 
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